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Weekly spam thread 3-26-07

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Only had for 2 months. no scratches or scuffs. great for any style of music. tons of effects including tremolo, phaser, flanger, chorus, rotary, pitch shifter, octave, and many more. tons of amp and overdrive models. great buy. $50 + shipping

send private message if interested



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I have an original great condition Matchless Hotbox that I swore I'd never get rid of. It has all original paperwork and box that I'm looking to trade for a few things. It's in perfect working condition and sounds great. I was recently using it as a preamp with a vht 2/50/2 and it sounded huuuuge. Here's a bit of what I'm looking for:



-Moog 12 Stage Phaser

-72 Deluxe Tele

-Other Tele's with humbuckers

-MIJ Tele's

-Orville Guitars

-Nice Analog Delays


If you have something I might be interested in, don't hesitate to let me know! Obviously I'd be more than willing to add some cash if you have something I really want. I'll be in LA until the 13th so local would be awesome but I will ship it. I have hella references on my other HC username (Hivedestruction) but recently I haven't been able to log into that username.







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Up for grabs on eBay (link in sig)...

This is an all Germanium transistor fuzz that is essentially a Fuzz Face clone with the "Hendrix mods". It's not as fuzzed out as the Monsterpiece NPN or PNP, but is warmer & really sings running into a tube amp on the edge of break up

Thanks for your consideration :cool:


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Black Pearl Distortion (Swollen Pickle clone) with mid-switch, custom paint job, and Toadworks-style aluminum knobs.


Goes from "classic pickle scoop" to "mid-boost" at the flick of a switch.





$185 shipped to US.

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