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Help with G-Major!! Pretty please :)


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Man this thing seems complicated to hook up. My goal is simply this. use the stereo capabilities of the Diezel VH4S for it's...well stereo ability :) Like when I had my chorus, both out puts into the 2 returns of the Parallel loop, the stereo affect was sick!! then I tried it on my OD channel but lowered the chrous so you could barley hear chorus, but it gave the OD some thick ass dirty tone. Really monstrous.


What I think is also making it more complicated is that The Diezel FX loops, serial and parallel have one send and 2 returns for each. Plus there is no foot switch, it just use the midi GC which I have.


Sp my goal in all this is to be able to set up patches where

1 I can change channels with the Gmajor

2 Have FX on certain channels (i.e. Chorus, a little flange and slight delay on channel one, and for channel 3 rhythm OD with a little delay and reverb to make it sound real stereo and thick.) Just to simple examples.



Any advice who have had a midi amp and use Gmajor? thanks so much in advance.


Back of the DIezel




Front of the Diezel




Rig I am using



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