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WOT: help me decide on my haircut...

Keith SIO

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As for the original question:

1. I like picture #2 the best.

2. Grow it if you've still got it - especially if you have a family history of baldness.

3. I am THE LAST guy you want to ask for haircut advice.

I'd love to have no hair, but unfortunately it wouldnt work for me.
My new cut will grow into what I love in about a month, so I am happy.


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You can have short hair and still be rock n roll. Just look at Metallica.

Okay, bad example.

I do have short hair, though. The ladies seemed to like it a lot more then when I had my long curly hair. I've needed a cut for like a month, but I've been too lazy to get one.




Yes...ladies!!! woooooo

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