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Pre amp depression!!!


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Greetings,Folks and friends!

My question is going to be in the direction of the good "ol

guitar pre amp. 1st. of all let me start out by saying that

Rocktron made with out doubt the best pre amp ever hands down

in the model of the Piranaha. Now for the question" Has anybody

heard of anyone trying to recreate a simular type possibly from a

new source. Since everybody out there is shooting for some

type of boutique style amp with all hand wiring etc: Just thought

that maybe this thought could provoke someone into trying to

re create the Piranaha.Don't want to step on anyone's toes out there

but come guys.Except for ADA i just don't see it,,,for under

a grand you know. Sooo if anyone out there knows some genius.

Let me or us know. Sure do miss that tube driven sound. Long

live the priest!!!


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