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It's finally here...


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I can finally post pictures of my gear, so now that my Orange cab is here, I thought it would be a good time! Sorry for the mess, I'm in the middle of moving so there is stuff all over the place.


Orange Rocker 30 with 2x12 cabinet:



Fender Deluxe Reverb Reissue:



Ampeg Reverb Rocket (1963):



The Family:



Oh, and the project...Ampeg V2:




My favorite: Kalamazoo-era Epiphone Emperor (actual age unknown)



Rickenbacker 330:



Fender American Telecaster:



Kalamazoo-era Epiphone Cortez (actual age also unknown):



Fender Geddy Lee Jazz Bass:


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The rocker 30 is nice. I was hammering around on one the other day

I'm really impressed by it. The other amps I've owned with a dirty channel are a Vox AC15, Vox AC30 head, Peavey Triple XXX, Crate Vintage Club, and a Mesa/Boogie DC-3 and I didn't like their distortion nearly as much as the Rocker 30. I'm in love.

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Wow, this is old thread, thanks for the bump. I have a problem with not holding on to anything, so the gear has changed.

The Orange is gone, I now have a AD30R. The head and cabinet was nice, but the clean on the Rocker 30 was a big downside of the amp. The AD30R has a tone that fits my style better, but I wish I had a AD30TC to have two channels. One day that might happen.

The Ampeg and Fender Deluxe are gone. I recently picked up a Dr. Z MAZ-18 Jr. and it is the best amplifier I've ever played. I also add a Gibson Les Paul Classic. The two Epiphone are on their way out. I like the Cortez, but I'm not much of an acoustic player and would like something a little more versatile, like a Martin D-16R. The Casino, I don't know it doesn't get played much compared to the Rickenbacker. I think I might give a Jazzmaster or Tennessee Rose a try with the money from the sale.

The pedal board is pretty much the same. The Full Drive is gone, replaced my a Frantone Brooklyn and I added a Boss DD-20.

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