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Distortion pedal and Speaker SPAM


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So i'm returning to school here in a couple of weeks, and i would like to liquidate some stuff that I have accumulated all in the search of tone. I also need the cash because apparently books are sort of a requisite.


I tried the HCAF and got nothing, so I thought I'd try the good ole' HCEF. other than my sig. I also have a couple of pedals:


Diezel Modded (by IndyGuitarist) Metal Zone

Digitech Metal Master


and of course the speakers in my sig.



PM me if you're interested in either.

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hopefully when you leave for school, you'll not come back here

paging Phil. Phil O'Keefe please report to the front desk.


You rang? ;)


theGhost, as others have already mentioned, we have a dedicated spam thread here on HCEF. Please feel free to use that, or the HC classifieds. Individual spam threads are verbotten on HCEF. I will lock or delete the thread whenever I see one. If people continue to post them after being warned, I have been known to do temp bans to further reinforce the message. ;)

Please follow the forum's rules and post spam only in the stickied spam thread. Thanks! :)

(All together now... "Thread Closed". :wave: )

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