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t.c. electronic vintage distortion - can someone give me some info, please?


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I need a distortion pedal that won't melt my face off. I want good, basic controllable smooth, rich distortion. I play a fusa strat and have a gib sg - . I have two overdrives (VL Sparkledrive & Vox Big Ben) and a tubescreamer clone mod on the way and a Laney LV3000 twin without much grit. I bought an Ibanez DS-7 the distortion is way over the top and just destroys all the tone.


I have seen the tc vintage distortion in a local shop - the only high end stuff available where I live (UAE) and went to the tce website, saw one demo vid on youtube and thought the thing was amazing tight and transparent with nice sustain... but still I'm not sure... those were demo vids. It's a pricey pedal and don't want to be disappointed or pay more than I need to for what I want.


So, someone please give me some info on the tc electronic stuff - esp the vintage distortion.

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