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My Weekend Project (pics)


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Very nice.

IF you dont mind, do you have a final price for all of the materials? Or is it just stuff that you had around? Or do you not want to release precious info?

Those make my homemade board look like plywood with couch fabric stapled to it. Wait....that is what mine is.



That's basically what mine is. The aluminum siding is what gives it more of a pro job.


The plywood and sheet metal screws I already had. I think the rest came out to less that $75. Not to bad for two boards. Let's see:


I think the vinyl fabric was about $17 for two yards.


The aluminum strips were maybe $20 to $30 for 24 feet.


The handles were $2.50 a piece.


The power strips $9 each.


I'm still debating whether or not to recess some receptacles in the boards instead of the power strips.

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Very good work - it looks super nice. And professional.


But why not put your strips and power supplies underneath... make some room for another pedal or two on each board, and just look generally cleaner once everything is wired up?

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