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AH! MENU DU JOUR. You can't hear or see yet. just lick.


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The "2007" Special.

[soupe du jour.] Ibanez 59'er - (subject to change)


[Appetizer.] Tonefactor Nebula. Line 6 Otto Filter. Zvex Super Hard-On '07 (2/5 Stamped Logo).


[Main Course.] Vox Valvetronix AD100VT


[side Orders.]

Course A. MidFi Electronic Pitch Pirate. Visual Sound Route 66.

Course B. MidFi Electronic Glitch Computer. MidFi Electronic Random Number Generator. Effector 13 Soda Meiser.


[Dessert.]The Super Duper Fun Random Surprise.Trust me...YOU DON'T WANT TO KNOW.


*Both side orders may be spiced with a little hint of Line 6 Echo Park and creamed with a dash of Verbzilla. The Zvex Fuzz Factory is only available after 9pm. These mofo's would probly need a Zvex Machine and a Dr.Scientist Cleanness.

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