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Fulltone OCD


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I got an OCD when they did the price drop thing, plus I had a 10% discount to GC which was enough to get me off my ass and to the store at least.


I love it. It is really transparent and for me this makes it also function well as a clean boost, besides as an overdrive. I don't really use it with the gain setting past noon, but I never max out the drive on any of my pedals. I prefer to layer a couple OD's and put it into a clean or semi clean amp over using pedals to boost a dirty channel, and this works great with other pedals.


It can get a little fizzy with higher doses of gain, but if I have it set high, I use an EQ to tame some of the upper frequencies and keep a rounder sound.


Finally, I love the high power vs low power capability. I use it a lot, depending on the guitar I'm using, the other pedals I'm running it with, the amp it's running into, the type of sound I'm looking for, etc. Basically, I feel it really helps you adjust the feel and nuances in your tone more than affects the sound itself, but if I had to specify how it changes the sound, I'd say it changes a) volume (obvious, i guess) and b) compression and smoothness (possibly a byproduct of volume change).


Hope that helps some. :thu:

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I have a V3, and I really like it a lot. It seems to do well with a variety of different amps - I use mostly Fenders, but it also sounds good with various amps my clients bring in, as well as my THD, Guytronix and Vox amps, as well as with a variety of different guitars. It seems best suited to a Marshall-esque tones, and I prefer it more for low and mid-gain than high gain applications - but I'm not a huge super high gain kinda guy anyway. It also works well in series with other gain pedals. I read a lot about fizziness at higher gain settings and / or with some amps, but that's never really been an issue for me. I roll off a bit of the tone control and that usually does the trick. But like all gain pedals, it either works for me for a particular track or it doesn't - and if it doesn't, I don't have a problem chainging to a different pedal, or amp or guitar... ;)


Also, the V3 is voiced a bit differently than the earlier versions, which you may or may not prefer. Personally, I think it sounds better, but YMMV.


IMHO, it's a very cool pedal.

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