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Using Digitech 2112 as effect return/send with amp?


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Hi again!


Another question about my Digitech SGS-2112 effect/preamp tube rack..

I've read about people saying that the unit will sound better put in behind the preamp section in a guitar amp, than before.

I've always ran my guitar first through the 2112, then through the guitar amp.

Today I thought I would try the other way around.

I connected the 2112 to the back of my guitar amp (Engl Classic tube 50), via the effect send/return connections. However, I get no sound out of the 2112.

I don't understand what I'm doing wrong. I've adjusted the "wet/dry" knob on the amp properly, and enable external loop on the 2112.

Still I only get sound from the amp, but not the 2112.

Am I completely off here? I've never used effect send/return connections before, so I'm might be asking a silly question here..

Any advice/tips would be very much appreciated.

Thanks for reading! :)

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What jacks are you using on the 2112?? I *Think* you can plug your amp's effects Send into the 2112's Return, but you have to plug the 2112's main output into your amp's effects Return jack. This should bypass the 2112's preamp section so you preserve the tone of the amp.


If that doesn't work, you have to plug the amp's effects Send into the main input of the 2112, and then the main output into the amp's effects return.




I just read up on my old Digitech 2120, and the effects loop on it is actually placed before the distortion section (rather stupid place for an effects loop on a preamp/effects unit if you ask me), and if this is the same case for the 2112, then you should just ignore my suggestion about plugging in through the FX Return and just plug into the input on the front of the unit.

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