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Crazy Phaser/Modulators


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Sounds like you wanna' Mutron.Well,they certainly started the swirly ball rolling but there's so much more available these days.Obviously the Infinityphase,sets the mark for twelve stage phase shifters,but unless you're a scientist,I'd suggest lowering the poll.Also a twelve'r,the unpleasant at higher volumes,Mooger Fooger is out.I personaly love 4ms pedals but the "Fleur' is too eratic for general useage.My Solution for effect complexity,user ability and absolute best tone of all the units;the six stage "Phantasm" by Toadworks.My second choice would be a Pigtronix.



The Infinitphase does 4 and 8 stage phasing since the audio path is based on a Bi-Phase.

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