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thought i would get your some input from u cats...........


I have a DD-20 and am considering selling it and buying a Nova. That being said, I love the DD-20 but am curious if others have done what I'm thinking of doing.


1) Which sounds better/cuts through the mix more?


2) Any nod in options between the two(which has better modulation etc)?


3) Which one can create 'weirder' sounds? I love that the DD-20 can create really strange sounds for a delay pedal. From Leslie's to synthie type sounds. Can the Nova do this too?


my pros and cons.




pros: LOTS of options, modulate is awesome, create 'different' sounds, good buffer


cons: BIG and bulky, doesn't cut through the mix very well(IMO), only 4 presets (i need more :) , tone knob creates a bit of hiss when turned up.


Any thoughts would be awesome from owners of the Nova or both the Nova and DD-20 ;)

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