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Fill in the Blanks. Which Pedals?

Neon Soul

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Trying to figure out which pedals will go best with my other pedals and my other gear.


So far it is:


62 Ri Strat With Bare Knuckle Mothers Milk pups


An few different Marshall Tube amps (Not mine but supplied by a good friend who is into music)



*[insert Wah] it's a {censored}ty dunlop wah and needs replaced


*Big Muff Pi


*Boss Ds-2 with Footswitch


*[insert Drive] Got hard fuzz and mid dist coverd but need low gain, was thinking of an MXR Dist + but the tone suckage is to great.


*Boss CE-2, great little Chorus


*[insert Delay] Was thinking either DL4 but the reviews of it breaking put me off, also though a DE-7 but am still holding out.


*Korg DT-10


Go at it, and feel free to add other pedals into th chain ( please try to refrain from recommending replacement pedals for the ones I already have, I don't need any more gas than I already have :D )



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