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Righteous tones electro glide


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Sorry for the late response,but I just found this thread using the search function.I've had my Electro-Glide Delay/Echo since april and I really like it for getting warm,analog flavored tones.I find it excellent for both clean and overdrive stuff.I use mine in the fx loop of of everything from my Mesa/Boogie MKIIC+ to my Bedrock 621 combo and it sounds great through them all.I especially like it for getting Gilmour to Hendrix type ambient textures on medium gain settings.In my opinion,it really captures the tone and feel of a good old analog delay.In fact,the builder told me that he designed it to sound like the classic Ibanez AD80 analog delay.To my ears,the pedal is very quiet,mostly running it at around 400 to 500 ms with the mix at about 1 o'clock.As for the oscillation,it does it just as well as most analog delays that I have owned.For $86.99 [$74.99 + $12.00 s&h],it is a real bargain in a quality delay/echo.Btw,I just ordered a second Electro-Glide just the other day.





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