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Need help deciding on a volume/eq pedal


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I have through another thread in the amp section come to the conclusion that the best way to try to tame the volume on my Laney AOR pro-tube lead half stack is to use a volume or volume/eq pedal. I simply cant play it at high gain and low volume.


I dont have a bunch of cash but would want to buy something new at a local GC, they are likely having holiday sales and if I dont like it I can return it.


As this pedal wont have to do much I am thinking I can get a decent one for low cost, one that does not add noise etc.


Again the only reason I need this is to play a big tube half stack at much lower volume without turning the gain down. This is so that I can practice with my main rig which will sound closer to what things will sound like when the volume limitation is off more than just using one of my other solid state or hybrid amps.


Thanks for suggestions.



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