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Vox and/or Orange


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I currently have a Vox AC-15. I really like it, but it's kind of boring sometimes. It doesn't have as much character as some other amps, and some others have better tone. But nothing sounds as good as my Vox. It's probably just the AlNiCo speakers, but it just sounds better than everything else.


My biggest influence is U2, and Edge uses Vox almost exclusively. So I'm in a situation where I'm not crazy about my amp, but I know that everytime I try something else, I don't like it as much as the AC-15.


Another issue I'm having is that I need some distortion. Nothing to heavy, just some nice gainy Marshall type sounds. I've yet to find a pedal that I really like, and my Vox doesn't do much beyond medium overdrive. So I've thought about getting a 2 channel amp. But one of the things I really want to try is running a distorted amp and a clean amp simultaniusly. Listen to this clip starting at about 3:24 to hear what I'm going for:



I know that guy uses an Orange AD-series, and I've always liked them. I'm under the impression that on the clean end, they're like a Voxy sounding Fender, and that they hit the Marshall type sounds on the other end. I understand that these are just generalizations, and that an Orange sounds like an Orange.


My questions are 1) does a clean Orange sound enough like a Vox that I can replace my Vox with a 2 channel AD-30, and 2) is the sound of a distorted Orange different enough from a Vox that I could use a 1 channel Orange and a 1 channel Vox at the same time to get the sound in the clip above?

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