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Hello! Old Friends!! PH-2 SUCKING BATERY!


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edit: NOT Ph-2 PH-1r


hello my friends!


ive been on vacation, using my effects, right now im a little frustrated because i simply love my PH-1r! but it has inverted polarity...so my power supply doesnt work...can anybody sell me one ...


sell me a inverted polarity adapter for my BOSS pedal!!! damn!!!!!!!





ive grown to love:



Electric Smile

Big Muff




i sort ot would change my electic MISTRESS (its not bad, but its not the hard core, and to get there you need to change your tone...so im gassing for a foxrox!

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The adapter jack on the PH-1r has the same polarity as all the other Boss compact pedals, so don't be messing about with any reverse polarity stuff just yet.


The PH-1r is an old-style ACA pedal, which means that it wants to see 12 volts DC on the adapter jack. If it's being powered with a daisy chain (with signal cables hooked up too), it will receive full power from the 9 volts provided by the adapter. But if it's being powered alone, the voltage it receives will be too low. Stick it in a daisy chain, or feed it 12 volts DC - it should work just fine.



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