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Arion SPH-1, old MIJ vs new


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Yup. Part of me misses the Phase 90 that I had. I clipped the resistors to get rid of the clipping and smooth out the range, and it was thick as my pubic hair. BUT, no RES control, no DEPTH control.


Right now, I have my DE7 WET>SPH-1>"MIC" input of the RC-20XL, with my clean/distortion signal going to the DE7's DRY>RC-20XL's Instrument input. Makes for some sweet sounds.


Having pedals with two outputs is great. Two inputs are even better. TONS of options. Now that Ive got the 2in/2out of the Roto Machine, and the RV-3 on the way with 2out, Im ready to sit down, draw a diagram, and see what I can come up with.

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