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My First Marshall amp clip! Need Advice !!


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Well I've never recorded with a Marshall amp before so I'm kinda a NOOB. I didn't want to get into any BIG Marshall until I got a feel for their signature tone. Anyway I started small and got me an MS-2 Mini amp. I'd like to know what you Marshall veterans use in your MS-2 amps. Do you use the stock 2" speaker or did any of you upgrade to a Weber, Scumback, Eminence, Jesen,or even a Celestion. What type of 9 volt do you use. Is it a standard, Heavy-Duty, Alkaline? What brand of 9 volt do you use? Ray-0-Vac , Duracell, Eveready, etc. Do certain batteries bring out more high or lows. These are questions I'd like to know if I'm going to get the best out of my new amp. Thanks for all the good advice in advance.


This is all thong in cheeks of course. Please Don't take this seriassly.


Here's the clip of the amp so you can give me advice.It's the 1st clip on the page.







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