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Z amps are pricey, but worth every penny.

Just to offer a slightly different opinion - I think Z amps are very reasonably priced, bordering on inexpensive! Seriously, compare them to other similarly constructed amps (turret boards, etc). Z is very much on the low end.

I love my Maz 18 Jr. :)

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Proud Z owner. Although this bad boy has been giving me some trouble with this guitar. Makes a terrible buzzing noise with humbuckers or any guitar with a clean boost out front. I am thinking about sending it in, but worried about the $$$. I might just take it to a local guy who specializes in AC-30s.




Oh yeah, what type of speakers are you guys using? I'm just using the Celestion G12T-75s that are in the cab in the pic, but I'm going to switch to some speakers that are a bit more vintage sounding. Any ideas? I'm thinking about either greenbacks, vintage 30s, or g12-h30s. What are you guys using? Are you happy with the sound?

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