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Help me revive my Big Muff.


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My 6 month old Big Muff Pi goes quiet when switched on...


It's true bypass footswitch, and in bypass mode, the sound is fine. But when the footswitch is engaged, the LED comes on but there is no sound.


I checked over the PCB and everything is connected well. I even nudged the resistors and capacitors and there are no loose 'legs'.


I have a bit of experience with DIY electronics, but in this case I have no idea what to do. Since the pedal works in bypass mode (clean sound thru pedal into amp) I don't think the jacks are the problem. And the footswitch seems solid.


Okay, yes I have modded this thing a bit. But it worked fine through all the mods I did. But then one day it just went quiet.


Any ideas on how to diagnose and repair?


Any help is MUCH appreciated.



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The volume and gain are up.


The battery is brand new, and the connectors and wiring seem fine.


If I fried a component, can't I just replace it? In such a case, finding the culprit is the main issue.


Has anyone revived a dead pedal before--in a case where it was more than a dead battery or obvious loose wire??

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