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Modded Ds-1 (keeley + true bypass)

Aaron SS

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So i finally finished up my modded ds-1 project today (aside from surface mounting the toggle and 3mm LED).I know the true bypass isnt necessary but i wanted to give it a try. Mods ive done to it are :


-True bypass + Bright blue LED

-Keeley Ultra Mod

-Keeley All Seeing Eye Mod

-Made a shim for the inside of the footswitch cavity so it doesnt compress when stomping on the new switch

-Eventually im going to get the Keeley style black knobs as well or i got some cool aluminum ones


Heres some pix (again like i said ive still got to surface mount the toggle)




Before led and keeley mods








After :thu:


My intial thoughts are that its much more OD like and not nearly as harsh and lacking of low end, definitely a big improvement


More in depth on the sound :


-Has much more headroom and overall gain, the min and max settings are far more extreme,low gain and it has a little breakup,then it goes to a nice marshally crunch, then to a very very gainy sound.


-The volume works more like an od like i said, those settings in the picture are similar to what im actually using, i essentially run it like a tubescreamer


-Even with all the changes it retains a far better clarity and smoothness then the original because of the leds that are swapped in the clipping section of the circuit + the resistor and cap changes.


Let me know what you guys think, i think this one will be on my board for the coming best board competition

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awesome! im getting a DS-1 from my girlfriend as a birthday present (1 more month to go...she already has it and wont let me have it early) and i plan to do the Keeley Seeing eye and Ultra mods.


im defnitely gonna be sending you pms with questions if that ok :poke:

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how long would you say it all took to do?

difficulty level?

just wondering, I have a ds1 lying around and yours looks amazing


Id say it took about 2 hours to do in total but thats only because i hadnt done the keeley mods before. All it realy is is swapping and out components, if you can solder on a pcb then your good to go.


The Burninator-No, only the new 3pdt is active and i added a shim in the footswitch cavity so it doesnt compress when you stomp on the new switch

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