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Modded Tube Screamers with Stacked Op-Amps

Eric Dahlberg

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In case anyone is interested, I stacked 4 reissue JRC's into a TS7 and 2 RC's into a TS9DX last night. According to Jack Orman, 4 is the maximum before it stops making sense to add more, otherwise the TS7 could have taken more; I had to stop on the TS9DX because 2 is all it has space for. I also changed out the requisite resistors and upgraded some of the caps.


Tone-wise, the TS9DX is total Vai now, much gnarlier than the TS7 is and without the mid-hump. The Hot mode has a very vocal quality and the Turbo mode is excellent into the clean channel for thickening up single coils without adding much actual distortion. I still love the TS9 mid-hump into JCM800's but I'll be sticking to this TS9DX with the modded Hot Rod Deluxe I'm currently working with.


Oddly enough, the TS9DX has much less noise than the TS7 does. If I remember correctly, the TS7's opamp is on a separate board from the output buffer transistor, could this be the cause?

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