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just bit the bullet on an 80's Arion Tube Mania on Ebay

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It arrived today. There is a certain thrill in knowing that this pedal has more or less sat in its bubble wrap in the box for 20+ years. The thing looks spotless and comes with a cheesy looking box and classic arion manual with choppy english.



Anyway, a Tubulator this is not. I see a lot of people refer to the tubulator / tube mania interchangeably, but they're two very different pedals. Despite its name, this pedal was definitely not trying to be a tubescreamer, or even really an overdrive. It makes me think DS-1 really, but it has a more pleasing quality. The sweep of the tone knob is ridiculous - anything past 9 o clock is very bright, and anything past noon is uselessly brittle. I was getting some cool rhythm tones with my tele, but it really shined when i dialed a little bit of dirt into my amp on top of it and played leads. Also, it cleans up well if you roll back the Dist knob.


It's a weird pedal and it may or may not find a permanent home on my board. Like i said, it's not a replacement for my tubulator, or any of my other overdrives. I have never gravitated toward straight ahead distortion pedals, and that's what this is. Either way i'll keep it just to say i have one! It's such a cheesy piece of 80's. I figured i'd share what information i could on it, because there is a huge cult surrounding the Tubulator and next to nothing out there about the Tube mania. My quest for cheap tone continues.

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