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I feel like an idiot.


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My father always leaves {censored} on. Lights, radio, TV, etc. Well, he left today for work and left on the radio in his bedroom. I was walking through the house and overheard Howard Stern. He's yelling and being serious, from what I can hear, so I thought that was odd. I walk into his room and I'm listening... I can't believe my ears. He's talking about some planes that were hijacked and in the air. He was talking about how the Capitol was just bombed, and that the Washington Mall was on fire. I'm sitting here like Oh My God.. not again. He's talking to people from NYC on their cell phones.. ambulances and sirens.. the people in his studio freaking out... I call my mother and tell her what I'm hearing. She gets really upset. I text my girlfriend who is in PA visiting family. I'm listening, getting more and more upset, listening to callers react. I call my dad and start telling him what's going on... he interrupts me. "Hey hey, that's just a recording. It's on my MP3 player. It's from 9/11, I recorded the whole broadcast."











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