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How would you setup this rack?


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..with these components, and ending it all up with 1 powerchord:


- tc electronics g-sharp

- dbx 131 Single 31-Band EQ

- 1/2 shelf(s)

- tuner korg/fender rack

- midi switch floorboard

- (power conditioner??)

threw marshall in the loopchain

hotplate 16ohms

4x12 cab


Would i need 6 units case? How to plugin the powerchords of all of the power-needed rackgear inside the rack, including amp powerchord if thats possible.


All this with a SIMPLE solution, and not to expensive.

The only thing i have to do, is to plugin one powerchord, and gear is set to go (powered that is)


While we're at it, some leds that can pimp and light up my gear abit


..sorry for bad norwegian-english here, but i hope you understand :cool:

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