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Weekly spam thread 10-8-07

Phil O'Keefe

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The single ongoing spam thread was just getting too cumbersome for many users... so again, by popular request, we've switched it to a "weekly" spam thread.


I will close the previous week's spam thread sometime each Sunday evening / early Monday morning. At that time, the previous week's spam thread will be unstuck and locked. Everyone will be able to still read it as it drops off page one, but it won't be "bump-able".


Have fun, and I hope you can sell something you don't need, or find something you have been looking for. :)



PS I've been getting some comments about the overabundance of OT posts in the spam thread. If possible, it would be great if we could keep this thread mostly on-topic posts, and anything you folks can do to help keep the thread size manageable (IOW, deleting items / posts for things that have sold) would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! :wave:

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? Lady gone! Added a new Fuzz!


Trace Elliot Velocette $375 Shipped.

Amazing Vox tone! Way better then an AC15CC! The former owner Alf Hermida (of Zen Drive fame) changed the transformer and may have done other mods I'm not sure.



Gringo Loco BossTone Fuzz Clone $60 Shipped



Dunlop 535Q Wah $80 Shipped.

Behringer Digital Delay $15 Shipped.

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Selling several pedals off my board.


Diamond Memory Lane - $400 shipped, no paypal fees


Modded TS-9 $80 My friend Karl did this for me, he did a ts-808 mod, plus put a switch between mosfet & asymetrical clipping.


Fuzz - This is a silicon fuzz face based on a circuit from runoffgroove.com, my friend karl also built this one. I did the artwork. This is the loudest fuzz pedal ever, it is seriously as loud as a super hard on. It has transistor sockets so you can try different silicon or germanium transistors in it. $60


I'm also selling this Gibson Goldtone GRV15 - 15 watt class A 1x12 combo, celestion speaker, beatiful sounding reverb, has a triode-pentode switch so you can cut it to 7 watts of power.


$700 shipped

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All prices shipped via USPS priority & paypaled.


Ernie Ball 6180 Volume Pedal (Passive) VPJR - new in box - $70

OLC Slow Century Soldano Pedal - from forumite - SOLD

Schaller 6-in-line Tuners - new (chrome, 1 screw design) - $50

Fender Telecaster Bridge - 4 bolt, needs string through body - $15

Arion HU-8500 Stage Tuner - new in box - $35

Fender Blender reissue in box - couple months old, used twice - $100

Morley Sapphire Flanger w/ box - few years old, sounds good. clicks when you turn it on - $60

Behringer Slow Motion SM200 w/ packaging - a few weeks old - $25







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For sale!


Marshall shredmaster - missing battery cover. Led light fell back into the pedal after a recent ups fiasco. Still works totally fine, and could be popped back into place VERY easily. $100+ship


Digitech PDS1002 - Great condition, awesome pedal. $75+ship.


Electroharmonix stereo micropulsar - $60+ship


Boss BD2 blues driver - $50+ship


FX Doctor scalpel - $35+ship


Yamaha spx900 multi effects rack - $100 bucks!!!!!!!+ship


Gonna take pics tonight, so if you want to take a look at any of these, just drop me an e-mail at enjoi_staba@hotmail.com. Thanks.

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UGH need to buy new things SPAM.


Jackson RR-3 with EMG 81/85. Has some knicks and usual wear but in good shape, I have a boost switch for it but I never got time to wire it in, tone knob was removed and replaced with output jack there. Floyd Rose bridge. MIJ. Plays wonderfully.


$455 shipped, I will pack carefully and double box it.





Peavey Windsor, like I've said before, it's in great shape, like new, minor hours.


275$ shipped for HCAFers, will be professionally packed.





Arion SFL-1 flanger MIJ, 30$ shipped.


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For Sale/Trade


PH-3 $60

DOD Grunge $25

Small Clone $60

Dunlop 95Q (missing battery door, works perfectly) $45

XP-400 (maybe for the right pedal)





WTB (or trade towards)

Reverb (holy stain, grail, etc.. verbzilla, older boss... most will work)

Passive Volume Pedal

Micro Clone Theory

Fish 'n Chips EQ

Line 6 FM-4


also might try (for the right offer)


Stereo Pulsar

Tube Zipper (or new Micro-Q-Trons)

interesting fuzz

cheap overdrive / distortion (FAB Distortion, DOD pedals, copies, a Rat, the new EHX germanium OD, etc.

True Bypass Loopers

a direct wah swap

other cheapies

... try me

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PRICE DROPS ON THE DD-6, EH 16 Second and Option 5!!!


These prices are shipped and PP-ed.


Selling this babies:

Boss DD-6 /w Box and Manual - 100


Selling/Trading these:

Boss DD-3 /w Box and Manual - sold

EH Worm /w Box and Manual - 60

EH 16 Second Delay /w Box and PS - 220

Option 5 Destination Rotation /w Box (older version) - 120


I want a nice delay or maybe a BOR. Or send me trades for whatever. I'm down for anything =)


Pictures here:



Thanks! I got tons of references here so yeah.

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