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MXR DynaComp vs. Guyatone ST-2


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Depends on what you want. I've had both of these pedals and would have to recommend the ST-2 pretty easily. The ST-2 has much more usable range in its settings, and can go from almost no compression at all to tons of squish. It also has the ability to blend the non-compressed sound back over the compressed output, which rocks. The Dynacomp, on the other hand,is more of a one trick pony. It colors the sound a lot and adds a lot of squish. Either thats the sound you're going for or it isn't. You can get sounds close to the Dynacomp with the st-2 if you want to, but the dynacomp can not do what the st-2 can.


They're very different pedals and I would try them out side-by-side to see which one better achieves the sound that you are going for.

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