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What do you guys use to boost your tiny terror?


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My TT driving a WGS V30 in a Lopo cab is plenty loud enough w/ gain @ 12:00 to play over a drummer on a small kit & a 2nd guitarist. For those who haven't played a TT, gain @ 12:00 is NOT clean, but it isn't uber crunch yet either. If you're playing rock 'n' roll & want the EL84 thing, that's where it is.

I actually haven't had much luck with my overdrives in front of my TT. I usually use the SCOD with gain almost all the way down & vol. WAY up to make my Fenders sound awesome, but I can't find any settings that really get me going in front of the TT. BP-1 is good for fattening the TT up, but again, doesn't sound nearly as good as in front of my Fenders. They both loose their texture in front of the TT - their sonic fingerprint. Dig?

What I DO love in front of the TT is any fuzz. Usually with the volume @ unity or below so you can really hear the fuzz and with the TT's gain set between 11:00 and 1:00, tone way up. Love the Monsterpieces, esp. the PNP & my modded NYC Muff has never sounded better than going into a dirty TT. . .

I'm continually amazed at how much I love this little amp!!! :deadhorse:

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