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What next? Pedal recommendations...

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I like the idea of this trem because mid-song, without bending over, I can speed up and slow down the trem speed. THAT sounds like fun to me. And is basically why I never kept any trem that Ive had before.

Ill look into the Flanger Hoax. Hoax-pusher.

What can I say? I love my Hoax. :love:

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Thats like me with the Zilla.

Im in yer threadz. Pushin teh Zilla.

Youse in mai threadz. Pushin teh Hoacks.


Seriously, I probably will get a Verbzilla in my next big pedal order. First I need a dirt pedal and a Muff, but after that it'll be the Verbzilla.

Then I can push that AND the Hoax. :D

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Ok. Ill start by telling you that I play a lot of ambient, post-rock, heavy reverb jams. I also like to just play hard rock. Maybe in the vain of TOOL, Toadies, Oceansize, etc. I do a lot of looping and layering.

Currently, I have two modulation effects. I have the chorus on my amp (CE-1 circuit
), but I have no loop, and it is obviously after everything, which wouldnt be my setup if I had an actual chorus pedal. Truth be told, chorus has never really done anything for me, except this one. I wish I could afford the real deal, or something of its caliber. I also have a Has Browns flanger, and plan to put it back on the board soon.

When my recent trades/purchases get here, my board will be some combo of these pedals:



Dano flanger


Arion Stereo Phaser

EB JR Volume

Beringer Reverb

CMATmods Brownie

Dano EQ

Dano PB J

If my DE7 doesnt sell soon, that will be remaining on there as well.

As you can see, aside from the flanger (that I havent used in ages) and the Phaser, Its all reverb and delay. And I have no real problem with this, but Im looking for suggestions as to what YOU would get next if you had my setup and played my music.

Guitar: Agile AL3100

Amp: Roland Jazz Chorus JC-77

I would get the ElectroHarmonix Polyphonic Octave Generator. The organ sounds as well as 12 & 18 string guitar sounds would be perfect for the ambient reverb-heavy music you play.

Well, I usually play thrash metal, loud fast heavy {censored}, and I bought the POG! Gives a great different colour to my sound. :rawk:

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