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What is the Best Live Band/Show you have been to?


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i cant narrow it down past 4.


death from above 1979 at the cockpit in leeds - that was one sweaty gig

minus the bear + these arms are snakes at corporation in sheffield - two of my fav bands in one place, bonus.

why? at atp - introduced me to anticon records

the evens at brudenel soc club

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Holy {censored}...stumbled into this thread to find myself sigged.:eek:

For me, it was the Black Crowes, at Headliners, in Louisville, in May of '05. Special show for a couple of reasons....They'd just reformed and Marc Ford was back in the band.

They hadn't played in Louisville for 12 years, after an infamous show in '93 where they played one tune and had some problems with the law, and SWORE they'd never play Louisville again.

It was a "secret" show in a club, and they were billed as "Mr. Crowes Garden" that night. And to top all that off, my girlfriend and I were fungally enhanced.

They played a bunch of covers, jammed out on their own stuff, really loose kind of vibe, and they were obviously having a great time, too. They streamed the show on their website the next day and left it up for a couple of months (which is a testament to the quality of the show).

After the second song, Chris said "This has now officially been our longest show in Louisville...good night!" That was both a joke, and untrue...They'd played there once before on the tour that ZZ Top (ironically my mention in the Worst live shows thread) kicked them off of.

I also saw the original lineup of Gov't Mule a couple times in a cracker-box club. Loud as hell, and badass. The Allman Brothers Band, several times, all except one of which were killer.

The last show I saw, The Kentucky Headhunters, was killer, too. Don't let any preconceptions you may have keep you away from one of their shows if you get the chance to see them. Greg Martin's tone and phrasing alone are worth the price of admission.

The Wailers (whoever it is that Family Man Barrett has together) put on an incredible show at a festival my band also played at about 4 or 5 years ago. Surprised the hell out of me...

I'm sure there are others, but those are the ones that come to mind right now.

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flaming lips yoshimi tour - '04 i think it was, what can i say, made me feel like a 5 year old all over again... ive never had a live show made me feel like that before, or since...

damo suzuki w/ the tigers - damo (for those that unsure, the legendary CAN singer) doing his travelling thing, playing with local band the tigers as his backing band.... what an experience that was, transcendental you could say.... and there was only about 100 people there (if that.... says alot about this city i live in really).... great night...

those are the ones that REALLY stand out in my mind right now...

sonic youth playing daydream nation in berlin, fantomas/melvins, sigur ros, the stooges, the cure, radiohead... were also pretty good
oh yeh and rammstein :wave:

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Tull 77'
Zeppelin 76'
Queen 75' and the other 3 times I had the pleasure :D
Jeff Beck 80' freakin awesome show, Simon Phillips was on fire:eek::D
...these were in Detroit.
ARMS in Dallas 83?
OZZY with RANDY 82'
SRV little ole bars in Dallas about a year before the David Bowie stuff:thu:

...on and on ...so much KILLIN live music to be seen, and missed:cry:

My FAVORITE is ...

GOV'T MULE ...only becouse every time I totaly enjoy a show by them ...I'm just musically blown away and I should know a pretty damn good guitarist, band when I hears them ...eh :D
...at least thats the way this old dude hears it ...every time! really :blah:

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