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Powering Boss Effects with a PSM-5, TU-2, LS-2 etc


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I just noticed that both my TU-2 tuner and my LS-2 line selector are listed as pedals that can be used with a PSA-120 and daisy-chain cable to power my board. My question is this...


What kind of draw does a normal pedal pull?

I think the PSA-120 is rated at about 200mA supply. I have the following

Boss pedals.


TU-2 Tuner

DD-6 Digital Delay

LS-2 Line Selector

PH-3 Phase Shifter


I also use an EH Metal Muff, Crybaby 535Q wah, old DOD Chorus and Flanger

(FX-60 and FX-75B)


I am worried about burning up the supply...

I know the DD-6 and PH-3 eat batteries, so I assume there is decent draw..




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I never had any problem powering 4-5 pedals with the TU-2 and daisy chain. I'm not too sure about the DOD ones but mine were boss and Big Muff and it worked.


However if you plan getting more pedals I recomend getting a Godlyke Powerall or One Spot or if you have the budget get a MXR DC Brick or Vodoo Lab Pedal Power.

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