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Got my Fulltone GT-500 yesterday and it had a broken switch!


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Yeah, I've been waiting forever. I bought it online and had it shipped to where I live (UAE) I opened it up and the damn boost switch was broken. Plugged it in and.... nothing. No sound. After cursing and stomping round, I opened it up and saw that the little metal clamp that holds the switch together was sprung open and the guts of the thing had spilled out. I collected all the pieces, took the thing apart and managed to get it back together (after two tries) and it's working for now...


I noticed the nut holding the switch to the housing was really, really tight I think maybe they busted the switch when putting that nut on.


Anyone out there have problems like this with Fulltone switches?


By the way, the pedal is awesome... it makes like three pedals I own totally redundant. WOW... so crisp and clear and alive. One problem, way too much volume... I wish I could cut the volume somehow.

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