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Trouble with trying to get something out of my delay


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So I just finished this long 5 minute coda to a set of songs I've been working on with my band, an instrumental/chant type thing. On the big 3 chords for my finish, the chant begins, and I wanted to get a Glenn Branca effect, where sometimes he'll do a rapid up and down strum on a chord and it's just so fat and echoes out of everything and fills up your ears with goodness and it's really dramatic. Thing is, I know he was using multiple guitars; maybe not on the part I'm talking about, but alot.


I do a rapid up and down strum on all 3 chords, and I use my delay. On my L6 Echo Park, set on Digital for maximum clarity, I try putting it at normal repeat and normal time when I do these chords in question, but it just gives me a lower volume and adds some ambience and pick noise to the background. I try turning repeat all the way up and when I start strumming the first chord it just fills up the entire amp's sound in seconds and makes me feel like it's going to blow up. And I try hitting it off and on for each chord switch, but I get a really obvious pedal-switch-sound and a really cool oscillation effect but that's about it.



I guess what I'm looking for here is me starting to strum the chord, then after a few seconds it echoes in at full force and I get that really fat echo effect, but I have a feeling I'm just going to have to use two guitars.


Am I using the wrong kind of delay? Am I just going to have to lay down multiple guitar tracks for this one part when I record it?

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