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Good cables really DO matter!


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Got my lava cables today. First off, mind-blowingly fast turnover from Mark at LC! I placed my order Sunday night (I think, may have even been later). Received a confirmation at something like 2am, and the cables arrived today (Thurs). Considering he's on the east coast and I'm in Oregon, that's pretty damn fast!


Second, these things made a HUGE difference in my tone. I don't think anybody needs super expensive cables, but the ones on the budget end of Mark's offerings seem to be worth the $$$. I was getting some pretty bad tone suckage previously running even just two pedals both with TB. The oomph on the bass and crispness of the highs were diminished quite a bit. Seemed like the cable from guitar to pedalboard was the culprit, and I attribute the biggest improvement to replacing that one. I had george l's on the board before which are supposed to be pretty bright, I just didn't like them because I'm hard on my cables and I was constantly having to fix them. I was playing with my crappy tone-suckage for a few years at least, and I recommend to anyone with any doubt about their cables to try running direct into the amp with various cables vs. through the board and see if you can tell a difference. FYI: I went with all Gepco stuff, seemed like the sweet spot in terms of price v. performance. Also, while six-inch cables sounds like it should be long enough, I suggest getting 8 or 9 inch patches, at least a few. Those six-inch ones are pretty darn short.

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