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What small 'ebay' effects guys have you had good experiences with?


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Good topic!


Small time ebay pedal makers are kinda the third generation of the boutique world... first you have the originals... Fulltone, Frantone, Zvex, Pescription, Way Huge, etc. etc.


... then came the HCEF kiddies... me, Catalinbread, Subdecay, Lovepedal, Skreddy, etc. etc.


... then the great DIY / Ebay / everyone and their mom making guitar pedal generation. Love it!


So let's hear it!

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Dennis Menard out of Vermont sells
fuzz pedals. His ebay name is
. Super fast shipping. I have bought his Tonebender MKII clone, Altoids fuzz and FreakTone fuzz, have been happy with all of them.


whats his ebay id? im a freak for fuzz pedals! :poke:

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