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I'm sorry but 'Perfect Strangers' is nowhere near as good as I remember it being.

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it comes on in between 'Mama's Family' and 'Who's the Boss', so clearly the one to start DVRing would be 'P.S.'. after all, the escapades of Balky and Cousin Larry were notoriously funny, supposedly. :rolleyes:


but id like to suggest that my fascination with this series was marred by blurred memories and drug abuse (past, not present). sure, Balkys as funny as nobodys business but Larry is frustrating at best. and dont even get me started on the grainy mid to late 80's video quality! puh-lease!:rolleyes:


now that im really thinking about it, the last season when Jennifer and Mary Anne moved in with the dubious duo of B.B. and L.A. really gets my grits boiling! i mean come on! how old do these dudes need to be before they marry these hot airline stewardesses and stop living with their male cousin.*


why dont they start a new series...perfect strangers '08 or some {censored}. maybe 'Young Perfect Strangers' where B.B. and L.A. are young, supple children learning the ropes of life and enjoying their differences** along the way? how hard would that be to bust one out of? come on! just do it already. :)


*would a female cousin be any better? good point, but atleast thered be some sexual tension present that was somewhat enjoyable.


**and similarities

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