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Crazy about Chorus?


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I have a


->Roland Jazz Chorus 120 combo amp, the Queen of Clean Chorus,

->Visual Sound H2O Liquid Chorus & Echo, set for a slow lush chorus sound and a little delay to add depth

->ElectroHarmonix POG, using the detuned sliders to give that pitchshifty chorus subtle warble phasing

->Boss DD-20 Giga Delay pedal, set to modulation mode with slow rate and high depth

->Run my two other amps alongside the Jazz Chorus, with very slight delays between them, so they make a natural chorus sound. I also do that for heavy sounds (without the Jazz Chorus)

->Will buy a TC Electronic G-Major to use its chorus, delay, and pitchshifting

->Want a TC Electronic 1210 Chorus rackmount unit

->Plan to modify my Marshall 1960A 4x12 cabinet into a full-one Leslie speaker system with rotating bass & treble horn rotors, rotating at 40RPM (slow chorale speed)



I MELT :love: when I hear the keyboard in this song, even though the song sounds a bit dated to me (and I usually despise dated stuff). I even have the song on my laptop!





Am I wacko or what? :eek::confused:

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You've certainly {censored}ed me up for the afternoon by reintroducing the 'Round The Twist' theme song into my head. Bastard :)

Well done for your chorus love. I only have my Arion SCH-1 but it's lovely. I played with it last Sunday, just that, a guitar and a clean amp and I was in a little hazey trance.

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Which chorus do you like best

I dunno, honestly.

I just try to run them all at once :D .

I haven't yet got the G-Major, and I've only just started designing my own Leslie rotating speaker system. Designing the treble rotor system and rotating horn is the hard part, as I want it to fit over two 12" speakers and project that outwards.

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