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peterson strobostomp as a power supply


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Just to be clear - the Strobostomp (like the TU-2 and other pedals with a "power out" jack) is not a power supply. It does not supply any power at all - it merely distributes it. You still need a power supply to provide the 9vDC voltage.


The power out jack is simply wired in parallel to the regular adapter jack, so you can send the adapter power on to other pedals as well. But you could just as well use a regular daisy chain, where you plug the adapter into a receptable on the daisy chain cable itself. It does the same thing. Granted, using the SS (or TU-2, if you have one of those) as the main input point for the adapter may feel a little neater than plugging into a female plug on the daisy chain itself. But that's the only real difference :cool:



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