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My pedals sounded great last night. Here's why:


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I usually resigned my LBM and OC-3 to the dirt channel on my amp, but last night I took them out, they both sounded a lot sweeter.


Also my amp reverb was up and I didn't know, I just thought it was the verbzilla. Anyway I think I quite like my amp reverb now, and I especially like using two verbs, one is pre fx loop and one is inside the loop, which is nice.


Also I put the echo mode on the vebzilla to a tempo'd rythm then set my dd20 to do dotted eights before it. Sounded huge!


I've always been a fan of dual (fairly long) delays, but never had the means to do it in a gig situation, and with a wash of reverb it sounds great without getting too muddy.

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