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EQ & Delay in FX Loop


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So i put my MXR 10 band in the loop last night at rehearsal with my DE7 .

My chain is, guitars > TU2 > FD2 > MXR 108 . DE7 FX loop. I use my amps channels for clean and crunch. Now i use my eq for boosts in solos with the mids pushed up ^ to cut thru but i wasn't happy with the volume boost, i would get a very nice saturated sound though. So i put my MXR 10 band in the loop as some of you guys suggest , the volume increase was huge but very flat sounding . It was still arced ^ with a boost in the treble side as well,i didn't seam to get as much saturation but cut thru nicely overall. This then effected my delay signal so i turned the FX volume down on the amp and the volume level up on the DE7 .

Are there any suggestions as to what i can do to reproduce that saturated drive while the eq is in the loop or am i doing something wrong. Should i put my delay B4 or after the EQ while its in the loop ?:confused:

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