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Changing tubes in an English Muff'n

Mad Hatter

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Yes, I like the english muff'n. Good for rock and blues. With a distortion pedal it sounds ok when I get the craving to play some Maiden or whatever. I only use it for practicing on my small amp or plugging into my mixer and using headphones. It is like having a mini amp in your pedal chain. It can be very noisy with the gain up though, so you will need a noise gate. On the downside, it is built rather cheaply imho, and in my experience they aren't as durable as other pedals. They are really good about repairs but it takes a long while so if you depend on it you are screwed unless you have another one.

I also have a v-twin. The v-twin is more punchy and has 3 channels. It doesn't sound like a boogie at all, but I still think it sounds good. I don't understand why people give it such poor reviews, I have no problems with it at all. The muff'n is better imho and generally cheaper, although I got my v-twin for a really good price. The v-twin is built like a tank.

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