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Boss RC50 issues...


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I have a Boss RC50, that I bought a month or so ago and just got the time and courage to read the manual and have a go. I've already used a RC20xl and a headrush so I was expecting a learning curve but maybe not too steep!


Does anyone know how to stop the flippin' tempo light flashing? Or how to turn the tempo function off altogether? I look down, about to press the record pedal, with a tempo in my mind and I see a light flashing at a totally different speed - it's really annoying! I know I could set the speed beforehand to the song I'm about to play but I would rather be a bit more spontaneous. I don't mind it guessing the tempo afterwards but before just puts me off... If it loop synchs as well, that's no prob, it's just it's always flashing and I've read the manual cover to cover but nothing jumped out at me about how to solve this.


Also, I lose the first half a second or so of my loop when I first play it back. It's ok on the second time but the first playback just loses it altogether. Is there an online fix for this?


I'd be interested and grateful to know what other RC50 users thought about this - thanks!

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