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I am in the middle of trading my super shifter for beef jerky.


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The story unravels so far....




Originally Posted by cantoXIII



saw your post in the spam thread, and while i think you're serious, i'm still not quite sure. either way, my bro just started making some homemade beef jerky that absolutely slays store-bought varieties.


if you're serious about this kind of trade, i would be more than happy to send you some samples of his jerky. if you like it, we can make a deal. hell, i do believe it would be the best deal ever made in the history of hcfx. ha.


shoot me back either way. thanks.




Originally Posted by TL4558P

This sounds awesome! I am 100% serious. I had a previous offer, but that guy wanted to send me store bought. Lame. I am looking forward to making HC history in trading this pedal for cured meat snacks. I prefer peppered and teriyaki versions the best.

And whenever you want to send a sample let me know and the pedal will go on hold until it arrives. Also, For the sample, I do not want shipping to be too expensive for you. Nor am I worried about germs. So you can just send it in a ziplock bag in an envelope. As cheap as possible for you. Lemme know!




Re: jerky for ps-5? wow! ha, this really is a sweet deal. i just informed by brother about this - he's completely down for the idea of making massive amounts of beef jerky. however, he is a {censored}ing whiz at the spice rack, so he's wondering exactly what kind of jerky you like. i wouldn't want to send you heaps of simply one kind, there needs to be variety! give a few more examples in addition to peppered and teriyaki [you should also further detail specifics of those two kinds].


how spicy do you prefer it? ie: do you enjoy normally eating extremely spicy things, is it more of a flavor issue, do you like to be burned or just for a slight kick? this is a seriously important aspect of this, you should elaborate as much as possible.


looking forward to this transaction. definitely consider the pedal on hold as of now, as we will start the samples this week. thanks again!






Re: jerky for ps-5?

Holy {censored}! I am excited! Ok details... Ideally I would like a combination of teriyaki and also a peppered variety, Teriyaki sweet. Peppery ones with big pepper chunks. Not a tex mex flavor, just a nice hearthy solid kick. Nothing to crazy. Also, I would like the pieces slightly meaty. But not too much.

Also, not too fatty.

Consider that pedal on hold as of right now!


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