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Devi Appreciation Thread


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Did you know that Joss planned to bring back Tara at the end of season seven, but she wasn't available for filming?


Liar! Just say it ain't so! :cry:




Though I did hear rumors of some kind return for her in the comics.


BTW, definitely hold off until all of season-8-in-comic-form is done, because the issues are really short.


Also, related...


Did you know Joss is in the process of making a new series called "The Dollhouse" for Fox, starring the girl who played Faith. :')


Not exactly Buffy, but hey... if you love Joss's stuff.


Also there apparently is talks of making another Serenity movie since the first one has sold so well on DVD. :love:


Jeez... /geek mode OFF! :p

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OK! Before I switch of /geek mode, one last quickie -

Did you know that the BBC/Fox has given the green light to start filming "Ripper", a spinoff about Giles and the Watcher's Council?

Yes! I totally forgot about that! :love:

I gotta say though... my hope had always been for some kind of Spike / Illyria spin off.

I take that back... a Williow spin off would have roxored the most (think Sabrina the Teenage witch but daaark), but then again I'm typical goth like that. :freak:

Though {censored} it... as long as Joss is doing something on TV / film, I'll be a happy fan-girl.

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