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New Bogner Xtasy drive in a pedal


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I am demoing some new pedals from Wampler effects. One that is knocking me out is Brians take on a Bogner Xtasy drive. Having not played a Bogner I have no idea how close it is to the real thing but the pedal is AMAZING. Modern heavy gain but not in a distortion pedal way. It SOUNDS like its turning my amp into a metal machine. In comparison I tried out a MI Audio Crunchbox last week and did not gel with it at all. Just sounded like a tweaked DS1 to me. The Xtasy pedal is in another league. I plan on doing some clips soon and will add them to this thread later on. I have 2 prototypes and am testing both, so far


Gigging with them tommorow will post more soon.


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