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I'm really enjoying some modulation pedals recently (which is weird for me)


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I have totally gotten into some cool pedals the last few weeks or so. I usually am a OD/Fuzz only kinda guy but I finally got an original CE1 Chorus Ensemble a month or so ago and then I grabbed a DOD Vibro Thang Vibrato/Phaser, today I got a Ibanez FL9 Flanger. I have had a Mutron Phasor for quite a while but I really never use it much-until tonight:love:


So at practice today we were going to concentrate on writing new originals so I set up the following:


Z Vex Wah Probe>3 Headed Monsterpiece Fuzz>Jacques Fuse Blower II>Z Vex Box Of Rock>DOD Vibro Thang>Ibanez FL9 Flanger>Mutron Phasor>Boss CE1>DOD FX 90Analog Delay>Boss DD20>Line 6 DL4


It was a bit of a tone suck signal loss with all that but it made for some very cool sounds, my board ain't big enough to hold all that so I just had it all over the floor but I think I may get one of those HUGE boards at Rondo Music to fit it all in one space for transporting it around:thu:

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