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Modding a Bluesbreaker pedal ?


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Hi all, not used to posting here but the ampforum don't seem to able to help me with this:


I have 2 old Marshall Bluesbreaker pedals which I like a lot but they have 2 problems which, to me, limits their use.


1. Even with the tonepot rolled all the way down there is a big bass roll-of.

2. With especially the gain- and to a lesser extend the levelpot past 3 o'clock the treble/presence goes through the roof.


Could someone who is more electronically educated than me take a look at the schematic and give tips on what to change in the pedal to solve this problem please ?


Thanks in advance !







PS: this is a cross-post from RT

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I've been thinking about modding mine as well, mainly the tone pot getting too trebly.



Try increasing the tone caps in C8 and C9. try doubling them, maybe more


Also you could probably roll off some high end by placing a cap between R9 and the tone pot to ground. try a 5n and adjust to taste

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