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Delay Comparisons


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I had a chance to try the Boss DD&, Line 6 Echo park and Digitech Digidelay today.


I found the Line 6 Echo Park to be the best of the three. Very clear repeats, tap tempo is a breeze to use and the Analog setting is fantastic, very warm. The construction is solid, although the knobs feel a little flimsy.


The Boss DD& was also good but compared to the Echopark, it sounds as if a curtain is on top the the amp. It clouds up the sound and sounds more digital than the Line 6. If anything it makes the sound thicker, but it takes away the high frecuencies. It also has tap tempo, but you must hold the pedal for a few seconds for this option to work.


The Digidelay was also clearer than the Boss and its the cheapest of the three. The Tape Echo setting on this one is great, very clear and defined, not harsh at all. This one has less features than the other two, but its a great delay pedal.


Thay all feel like they could survive a war but the Boss is probably the most solid for constant gigging, it could probably take more abuse, but the Echopark sounds alot better.


All the delays were tested with an ESP EC1000 into a Randall 100 watt combo amp with heavy distortiom, crunch and clean sound.

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If you want the DD20 to sound better, try this.


(Assuming you are using an adapter.)

1. Unplug the adapter

2. Hold the ON/OFF (left) pedal

3. Plug the adapter back in

4. You'll see "OUT1" or something like that

5. Hit the "SELECT" button ABOVE the right pedal until you get to OUT3 or whatever the third one is

6. Release the ON/OFF pedal.


This sets the output mode from -20db to +4db. It's WAY better.


The DD20 and DL4 are probably the best on the market, but you gotta test them out to make sure.

Also, I'd HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend getting an Ibanez AD9 to complement. I have one with my DD20, and it. is. awesome. I have a freakshow digilog on the way too, but I imagine I'll mostly be using this for the swell switch thing. Really though, get an AD9 if you think you are into delay at all. You can get sounds like The Edge, The Twang, etc.Edge, The Twang, etc.The Twang, etc.Twang, etc.etc.

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